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But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays (Malachi 4:2).


Fees are $75.00 per hour (individual or couple); however we work on a sliding scale based on income, adjusting down to $55.00 on your honor, or lower based on income (with proof of income — pay-stub or tax return).  We will work within your means.

Call Terri at 941-730-7564 OR email

 I am experienced in a diverse spectrum of therapeutic healing such as marriage & family counseling, depression and anxiety therapy, addiction and codependency recovery, bipolar challenges, and many other emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. 

ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE                                                                                          Private or Group Class available.  Cost effective…call or email for information:                Terri 941-730-7564 or

PRIVATE PREMARITAL COUNSELING ~ $50 per session for a six weeks course.  This course is six, one-hour classes. The days and times are flexible, and at the end of the course, you receive a certificate entitling you to $40 off of your marriage certificate.  The course provides you with a firm foundation in Christ as well as tools to start your marriage properly, including: communicating openly, looking for the positive, not sweating the “small stuff, determining satisfactory “rules of engagement,”  developing comfortable intimacy, discussing dreams and goals, and much more!  Call or email  941-730-7564 or terri . 

VIDEO-COUNSELING, TELE-COUNSELING are convenient long-distance options.

No one understands!

No one understands!

If you are not ready to sit down for one-on-one counseling, but you would like to talk to someone — try Video-counseling or Tele-counseling.

Talk via telephone, Facetime, or Zoom at $50.00 per hour.


Call or email for more information: 941-730-7564 or


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS ~ Please call for information.  Our main purpose is to touch lives for Jesus Christ and to heal the hurting.  Call 941-730-7564 or email to discuss your event:

  • Terri Hutchison is founder of and counselor at Joshua1nine Counseling Ministries and has been a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) sufferer since 2006. Terri personally identifies with the ravages that chronic pain inflicts on a sufferer’s emotional and mental health.  Terri specializes in bringing hope to those in chronic pain.  She offers to audiences motivation, inspiration, tips, tools, and resources for CRPS and chronic pain sufferers to use to build a healthy and whole new reality.
  •  Terri is also a charismatic and professional speaker in the area of addiction prevention and recovery as well as codependency.  She has been counseling in this area for many years and has been personally touched by the tragedy of addiction in her own family. She shares her personal experiences with audiences and imbues strength and direction in listeners. 
  • If you are interested in inviting Terri to speak at your next function, call 941-730-7564 or email to discuss your needs.



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